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Stay hidden while browsing faster

HMA! Pro VPN is a reliable VPN service that enables you to stay anonymous online and access geo-restricted content with ease. A subsidiary of Avast, this privacy software ensures that your connection is secure and won’t be easily pinned down. It has a user-friendly interface that’s accommodating even to VPN beginners. It is also extensively documented online, making it an all-around choice for any type of user.

What is HMA Pro VPN?

Formerly called “HideMyAss!”, HMA! Pro VPN encrypts your online traffic to shield your activities from any prying eyes. It also allows you to be more secure while surfing the internet and access anything locked in certain regions, such as streaming sites. This VPN provider has more than 1,000 servers in over 290 locations, all across 190 countries. Not only that, but this service makes use of 20Gbps servers, enabling you to keep up your connection with much faster speeds. 

Aside from regular servers, it also offers specialized ones like those for streaming and P2P sharing. This VPN can run on PC, mobile, smart TVs, and even routers. If you need protection for several different devices, you can install HMA on as many of them as you have—although only five can connect to the servers simultaneously, unless you get the Family plan that allows up to 10 devices. Nevertheless, it’s easy to set up as you just have to either sign up for a free trial or purchase a license and then install it.

The user interface is easy to navigate, as well. The main section consists of a switch for the VPN and your desired location. Simply turning on the VPN without changing locations will enable Lightning Connect, automatically placing you on the fastest server available. With the vast amount of options, the Location List has been designed to be organized into continents, and city-level locations can be found under their respective countries. The side-panel contains advanced tools, such as the Kill Switch and Speed Test.

Is HMA Pro VPN safe?

HMA! Pro VPN also prioritizes top-notch security. It uses 256-bit full-disk encryption and strictly maintains a no-log policy to further strengthen your anonymity online. While it does keep track of the day of each connection and the transferred data, this is more for gauging when the servers are highly active and how much data they can handle so that the service can be improved. All connection logs will eventually be deleted after 35 days.

This VPN service also uses other security measures such as single-shared IPs, private DNS servers, and protection against IP address leaks and DDoS attacks. HMA uses the IKEv2/IPSec protocol for the Mac and iOS platforms to achieve better connection and reconnection speeds and tunnel stability. However, unexpected accidents can still happen, and it’s best to have manual control over the program’s settings. A Kill Switch feature is available for use, and it will automatically cut off your internet connection in case of server drops.

For less serious instances, you also have other functions that can manually reset your connection status. The IP Refresh button, located in the main menu just under the VPN switch, lets you switch to a new IP address from the same location. Found in the settings, the IP Shuffle feature can randomly change your address at either set time intervals or a custom one in order to make it much harder to track for anyone. There’s also the Auto-Connection Rules and Trusted Networks settings available.

Lives up to its acronym

Overall, HMA! Pro VPN is a great pick for a VPN provider. Offering various features for secure browsing through a simple interface, its international scope with servers is notably wide, and its compatibility with most popular platforms makes it highly flexible. Compared to other well-known VPNs, it’s a worthy opponent with its above-average speeds. However, even with some issues in fast torrenting and unblocking of some streaming sites, this program is still a nice recommendation for beginners and veterans alike.


  • Over 1,000 servers across 190 countries
  • Offers a Kill Switch and IP manual controls
  • Available on most popular platforms
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Some issues with downloading torrents
  • Can’t unblock some streaming sites sometimes


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HMA! Pro VPN 4.6.0 for Mac


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