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Become anonymous as you surf the Internet

HideMyAss (also known as HMA! Pro VPN) is a well-known service. They are a legitimate company, but the service is often used by people doing naughty things online, which is why the company itself has a mixed reputation. If you wish to view websites that you cannot view from your country, or if you wish to surf the internet without being traced, then consider using HMA Pro VPN.

A virtual private network where you may use foreign servers

The GUI is mostly self-explanatory, but you do need to know a little about communications and what VPN is and does. After a brief amount of learning, you may start using HMA Pro VPN. It is laid out a little like the AVG malware checker. It has a similar guided user interface and very similar-looking buttons. If you follow the instructions given to you by HideMyAss, you may surf the internet anonymously where your internet service provider cannot track you.

HideMyAss is very popular

HideMyAss offers a series of anonymity and privacy services to the point where they have become notorious for helping people get away with saying and doing as they like on the internet. One of their services includes HMA Pro VPN, but it need not be used for nefarious purposes. Many people use their remote servers to access websites that they cannot access from their own country. The biggest issue that people have with the VPN service is that you need to pay a fee in order to try their "free" trial, which seems a little counter-intuitive.


  • A very popular and very trusted service
  • Works on a wide variety of operating systems


  • Some companies are hyperaware of HMA and block its servers by default
  • You have to pay a fee to give their service a free try


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HMA! Pro VPN 5.2.0 for iPhone


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